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The SUNY Center for Professional Development Staff, CIT Planning Committee Members, and Host Campus Liaisons are the cornerstone of CIT's success. As a vital resource for CIT, the host campus will provide resources as follows:

Campus Liaison to serve on the CIT Planning Committee, and serve as an ex-officio member of the FACT2 Advisory Council for the year preceding the conference. This individual will be the primary interface between the CIT Conference Director and host campus departments, such as housing, catering, parking, physical plant, security, bookstore, and others as needed. This person would be responsible for reserving facilities for the conference and the CIT Planning Committee meeting held at the host campus.

Technical Liaison to serve on the CIT Planning Committee. This individual would be the primary interface between the Conference Director and campus departments providing technical services for the conference such as Academic Computing, A/V Services, Networking Services, and Telecommunications. Individual would work with the Conference Director to determine rooms and labs to be used for conference sessions based on the technical needs of each presentation and the technology available in each room/lab.

Additional Faculty/Staff to serve on the CIT Planning Committee. Preferrably, these individuals would serve in the following capacities:  Abstract Review and Program Committee (scheduling rooms for sessions); Workshop Committee (scheduling Hands-on Demos and Workshops in labs that are appropriate for the technology required); Social Committee (ideas on Entertainment and Local attractions);  and one to coordinate the staff support and student volunteers.

Staff Support/Students to work the week of the conference to provide technical support during the conference, and to provide assistance to conference participants.

The Host Campus Liaisons will work closely with the SUNY Center for Professional Development. The Center for Professional Development Staff dedicates a significant amount of time to supporting CIT. The Staff handles all mailings, registration, maintains the conference website, and serves as the point of contact for the conference.

If you have questions, call 315-214-2421 or email

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Last Updated: December 2, 2014